Reason to Vacation in the Beaumont / Port Arthur Area

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Saint Anthony's Beaumont, TX

Beaumont or Port Arthur, Texas is one of the best destinations for a family vacation. The area offers both residents and visitors a perfect mix of big-city conveniences and small-town charm. With a thriving culture and arts scene, community-oriented learning institutions and so many outdoor recreation opportunities, you find there are always a lot of things to do in this part of the world. Generally, there are many reasons to consider having your vacation in Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas. We asked our local friends at Beaumont and Silsbee Used Cars what their top 5 things to do in the area were.

1. Visit Gator Country

When you travel to Beaumont, TX, Gator Country is one of the best places you should visit. It’s actually a great alligator wildlife park that hosts over 400 alligators and Gary Saurage – owner and conservationist of the park. You will also get the opportunity to see Gator 911’s star of CMT. Every year, over 100 alligators are rescued from unusual and dangerous places, and then released into safer habitats (the park). At the park, you will also find a team that will educate you on various animals, such as crocodiles, gators, snakes or any other animal on-site. This will give the opportunity to touch various animals as well as learn how they were rescued/found, their names and ages. Additionally, kids can swim with young gators, especially during summer seasons.

2. Visit St. Anthony’s Cathedral Basilica

If you like history, St. Anthony’s cathedral basilica is another amazing place you must give a short visit. It’s the first Catholic Church in Beaumont that was built in 1903. This historical Catholic Church was recognized by Pope Benedict XVI by simply proclaiming it a great Minor Basilica. In the entire state of Texas, Beaumont is a place where you will find one of only 4 Minor Basilicas.

3. Enjoy the Show at the Betty Greenberg – Center for Performing Arts

For a great entertainment, there are Beaumont Community Players who have been entertaining audiences for over a century. There is a full calendar schedule for all performances at this place. This allows you to choose the kind of entertainment you’d like to have.

4. Visit Tyrell Park to Sniff the Roses

If you like sniffing the roses, then botanical gardens in the Tyrell Park is the right place for you. These gardens are open and free to the public, and features a number of different plant species. Most of these species are housed in the Warren Loose Conservatory. This particular botanical garden is 10,000sq ft and it’s also where you will find the Bert & Jack Binks Horticultural –Center. This center consists of an amazing collection of artwork.

5. Eat At Willy Burger

At Willy burger, you can have a burger and hand-dipped malted onion rings. It’s one of the popular restaurants that offer the best burgers in Beaumont, Texas. In fact, most people love the delicious diversity of its menu that includes specialties such as jalapeños, Creole mustard and the booty Burger, often topped with some fried boudain.

Concisely, if you want to eat a sandwich you can get it from Jason’s Deli for a picnic. Jason’s deli is one of the best casual delicatessen restaurant chains in this area. Lastly, there also several other places you can visit, such as Edison Museum, McFadin Ward house, Fire Museum and many other things to do as well.